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Benchmark Epoxy: Every Customer Has a Story

At Benchmark Epoxy we have the honor of meeting some incredible clients. On certain occasions our discussions move from the garage and they share some of their personal stories with us. We love that!

Pegi Ivancevich, or as I refer to her Miss Pegi, is one of them. She hired us to remove old worn first generation epoxy, install new epoxy, paint her garage, and apply sealant throughout her driveway.

The first time I met Miss Pegi it was abundantly clear she had a vision for what she wanted and expected it to be done with excellence. She joked about her stature, let us just say she will not be dunking a basketball on Shaquille O’Neal.

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Epoxy Flooring, The Gamechanger

Let’s face it whether you are an avid sports fan or simply a casual viewer, it is not difficult to spot athletes or plays that simply change the course of a game. It may be Jordan putting up 63 or Sean Payton calling an onside kick in the superbowl that helped the Saints secure their first ever world championship.

When we see these events take place live, we realize the momentum has shifted and something special is taking place.

For some of us our garages merely represent a place to park our vehicles and we ignore the oil stained concrete as we casually stroll into our home. We likely don’t give much thought to the fact that in many cases the garage will be either the first or last part of the house a potential buyer will see.

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