Benchmark Epoxy: Every Customer Has a Story

Benchmark Epoxy: Every Customer Has a Story

At Benchmark Epoxy we have the honor of meeting some incredible clients. On certain occasions our discussions move from the garage and they share some of their personal stories with us. We love that!

Pegi Ivancevich, or as I refer to her Miss Pegi, is one of them. She hired us to remove old worn first generation epoxy, install new epoxy, paint her garage, and apply sealant throughout her driveway.

The first time I met Miss Pegi it was abundantly clear she had a vision for what she wanted and expected it to be done with excellence. She joked about her stature, let us just say she will not be dunking a basketball on Shaquille O’Neal.

She was demanding but incredibly generous, constantly offering our workers food and drink if they wanted it. If Webster’s Dictionary provided a picture of a person next to the word “spunk” Miss Pegi would be an outstanding candidate.

Miss Pegi shared with me that she was a widow. On multiple occasions she would tell me stories of some of the things her late husband had achieved. From writing a book on “Mattress Mack” to having multiple textbooks written that were used in countless universities in America, as well as translated in multiple languages to be utilized around the world.

After our work was complete, I stopped by with one of my sons to see the final product and confirm she was happy. She was!

During this visit I noticed she put her late husband’s golf clubs in a different spot then she had them before. She said, my husband loved golf and played quite frequently, I just wish there was a better place to keep them.

After some discussion, she thought the best place was in his upstairs office which remained the same. I asked my son to bring them up, he did, as Miss Pegi led the way. As I waited downstairs, I could hear Miss Pegi describing to my son some of his work and memorabilia.

Miss Pegi knew my son was passionate about writing and proceeded to give him pointers to help develop his skill. She told him to read a lot and write 1,000 words a day. She also talked about using anything available to capture thoughts. She spoke about songwriters who her husband was friends with often turned scribbled words on a napkin into songs.

You may be thinking this is an odd blog for Benchmark Epoxy.

What’s truly unfortunately is the fact that I was so struck by her honor, devotion, pride, and words of her late husband, it made me reflect on how numb I have become to all the negativity I read and hear about today. There are great stories all around us, just listen.

During these challenging times for all Americans, perhaps it would do us all good to reflect on the good times and dare to believe that our best days may very well be ahead.

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